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You are just 1 step away from starting to receive HNW/UHNW referrals/new clients every month from 10 - 20 CPAs, Accountants and Attorneys in your area that are looking to work with and refer to a qualifed Advisor...

1. Acquiring 2 - 4 (or more) HNW/UHNW referrals/new clients EVERY month
2. Having a system in place (that YOU control) that typically adds
    $10k - $100k (or more) per month in income.
3. Not having to worry about prospecting or marketing every day/week
    (and never worrying about where your next new client is going to come from)
4. Working SMARTER, not harder to 2X - 4X your income in 6 - 12 months
5. Becoming the recognized, go-to Expert in your profession, in your area
Below, you will find just a few of the reviews and testimonials I've received since I started my marketing company in 1999.

I've been helping professionals AUTOMATE the growth of their practice and income for a VERY long time. In fact, since I have my SYSTEMS down to such an EXACT step-by-step science...I GUARANTEE results for my clients.

I use my Fortune 500 training, UNIQUE, proven and Proprietary marketing SYSTEMS - along with Lead Follow-Up and Conversion processes to provide my clients with the FREEDOM of having a CONSISTENT flow of qualified prospects, new clients, success, wealth, time/freedom and personal fulfillment.

When you use my Expert Positioning AND Rapid Trust Building Systems, you earn Expert Positioning in a way that enables the prospect to understand WHY they cannot find anyone else that can help them like YOU can. 

This is HOW you "Reverse-the-chase" and shift the balance of power to you.

Legal Disclaimer: Everything that I share below may be true for these clients, but I cannot guarantee that you will be able to achieve the same or similar results because I cannot control what you do with the information. 


Andrew, Financial Advisor
talked about WHY the process he used in the past 
to secure referral relationships with CPAs/Attorneys
did NOT work.

And, how the "method" he's using now...
our "Reverse-the-Chase Referral Relationship Process"
has generated a new high-net-worth referral/new client 
(BEFORE he ever met with the Attorney) 
AND, a $100,000,000 prospect.

He's only be using the RTC Referral PROCESS for two months.

If you want whales (HNW and UHNW) as clients...
listen to what Andrew says he's doing.

Scott shared his results on a live Group Coaching Call:
After his first 3 months of working together, he has acquired:
30 Referral Relationships, 8 new clients...over $9M already IN...
...and he shares how he got his newest $5M referral

Tim H. - Financial Advisor shares how he acquired a new $25M client:

Larry T. - Financial Advisor talks about how he generated $10M in his first 6 months:

Don, acquired a 401k plan with a company with A LOT of employees.
Don was trying to acquire this 401k Plan for over a year. 
Don explains the 1 email he used to get them to call him.

Financial Advisor Greg S.
shares his experience about learning HOW to 'reverse-the-chase" and get his ideal prospects/clients to chase him. 
He went from 0 calls per week, to 8 calls in his first week.

Greg said, “Your process has been transformative. 
I had eight calls last week. I don’t have to do the spray and pray… that’s been the biggest change. 
This was life changing”

Jennifer K. – Financial Advisor - "When I first started working with Dr. Len Schwartz and his team, 3 big successes came in my first 3 months. An Accountant became a client of mine, and I acquired a $25M new client."  

Karli - Financial Advisor tells how she generated $10MM in new business from referral relationships. 

Steve A, Financial Advisor - For the past 15 years...I tried everything else on the past to market myself. I started working with Dr. Len Schwartz because I was referred by a friend.
 At this point, 100% of my meetings were perfectly set up. 
I acquired $3.5M in my first 4 months."

Ed  - Financial Advisor says, "If you want “Whales“ as clients, you are going to get them from COI‘s." 

Jesse L. – Financial Advisor - There was one week where I met with a new CPA every day. I met with 10 so far in my first few months. One CPA referred a HNW new client to me during our very first meeting. It was an $800k referral! Another referral was for a fee based client that called me the day after I met with a CPA. This is just the beginning and having these referral relationships a no-brainer for me. The Expert Positioning that Dr. Len taught me on the first call was incredible. I was blown away! At the end of the day these referral relationships are going to help my business 10-fold. These are referral sources for life. 

Adam S. - Financial Advisor talks about how he received 10 referrals in his first month:

Paul D. - Financial Advisor talks about how us used Dr. Len Schwartz's "reverse-the-chase referral relationship process" to possibly secure 20+ CPA/Accountant referral relationships, and potentially receive $15M+ every year in referrals/new clients.

Justin L. - Financial Advisor - "In less than 60 days, I now have 27 CPAs I'm setting up and/or working with as referral relationship partners.
And I've already received 3 referrals".

Violetta - Financial Advisor talks about how she is going to receive Millions of dollars in AUM/year:

Mark K. - Financial Advisor - “I am positioned to receive referrals 
(20 – 40 HNW new clients per year) and new business 
for the rest of my practice life"

Trevor S. - Financial Advisor - "I'll make 100k off of each referral relationship every year" 

Larry - Financial Advisor - Already in the business 37+ years is a Top 1%er and already earns $1M+ per year in income. He added this strategy to DOUBLE his income WITHOUT having to market or prospect for new clients.

Greg J - Financial Advisor talks about how every Referral Relationship he has works with HNW clients:

You will not regret the time, the investment, or the results

“Dr. Len, is not just capable, but enthusiastic, creative, helpful, and full of marketing tips and techniques which have helped me grow my business since the day I hired him. Get to know him and enjoy the journey of working with him, you will not regret the time, the investment, or the results."  

Doubled my practice - TWICE

"Dr. Len doubled my practice - TWICE - in less than 1 year.
Tim S.

I generated $20,000 in new patients

"I generated $20,000 in new patients in my first 2 months in your service. My new practice has never been this busy and my office is running smoothly with great enthusiasm and momentum."
Dr. Ron S.

I now have 50 -100 marketing strategies

“I have wasted big money on multiple management companies and programs and got nothing from them. Dr. Len's content is great. Lots of strategies and good ideas. This program will have a dramatic effect on my practice and income in the next 6 – 12 months. Dr. Len really knows what he is talking about – he has tested all of this... What feels great is that I’m getting REAL value. This information is not general – it is specific to my practice and my area. I now have 50 -100 marketing strategies to generate new patients all year long.”
Dr. Lad Z., Dentist

Over $20,000 in new patients in our first 2 months

“We've had a 110% increase in new patients by implementing just some of the systems and procedures and have generated over $20,000 in new patients in our first 2 months in your service."
-Dr. Luigi D.

Your chances of success just doubled!

 "Len has done an amazing entrepreneurial job of building a successful company around a great service that helps people in their business. Over the years, I have not found many other executives who are as smart and capable as Dr. Len Schwartz. If you have Len on your team, your chances of success just doubled!”
Mitch Russo, Coaching Systems Architect - Former CEO: Tony Robbins/Chet Holmes Co., Author of #1 Best Seller Invisible Organization

I am very grateful

“When I saw info about Dr. Schwartz’s program I inquired, liked it, signed up, and it worked out well. It wasn’t 1, 2, or 3 ideas. It was the overall program I was looking for all this time. It provided me with a lot of fishing poles in the water.

 A lot of things that would bring patients to me not just once or twice but on a regular basis. He provided me with enough programs that once they are in place they run themselves and I sit back and manage. I am at the point where I am thinking about cutting back my hours. I want to have the practice get busier and I just manage. These programs allow me to do that . I am very grateful…!"
 Jim L.

Worth the investment

“I can tell you with 100 percent certainty that working with Dr. Len was more than worth the investment and will absolutely help me grow my practice. I commend Dr. Schwartz for putting together such a fine marketing and practice building program.” 
Dr. Fred H., Dentist

Dr. Len’s ideas are unique

“Having practiced for 27 years I truly can say Dr. Len’s ideas are unique, organized and doable for any professional who wants to increase their market domination and consequently increase their income.”
Anthony D., Chiropractor

Double your practice and income

"Don't even think about working with Dr. Len - JUST DO IT - you won't regret it! If you want a true marketing expert to help you double your practice and income - work with Dr. Len!
Phil B.

As Seen On...:

Chet Holmes, 
Fortune 500 Strategies

"I've never worked with another doctor that has the marketing, copywriting and advertising skills as Dr. Len Schwartz"

Tony Robbins

"The reason I partnered with Dr. Len is because he is the best at what he does"
Dr. Len interviews his client, John - 
who generated $19M in new business in less than 30 days...
Dr. Len interviews his client, Gene - 
who used (is using) a multi-faceted marketing SYSTEM 
to generate @ $100k in income in his first 3 months.

Frank S. – Financial Advisor - "I joined your service in order to jump to the next level of practice and income. I have established 13 referral relationships in less than 3 months and will generate a significant amount of business as a result of your program." 

Dr. Houchin - "Since I started working with Dr. Len Schwartz, I feel like my new patient potential is unlimited.”

Chip G. – Financial Advisor - "I received 2 referrals so far – and one was a CPA I met with. I expect these referral relationships to generate $2 – $4 million every year.”

Dr. George S. – Chiropractor - "Dr. Len Schwartz has helped me 2X my practice, income and new patients...And, in my first 6 months, I acquired 10 new patients/referrals from other doctors.”

Financial Advisor Cheryl talks about, “The Expert Positioning has changed everything for me. Long term referrals will be substantial."

Financial Advisor Alex K says, "I expect to generate $300,000 in additional income every year

Lauren G - Financial Advisor - "I’ve been working with Dr. Len for over two years. The quality of the meetings, and the referral relationships I’ve established has been outstanding.” I have a $10,000,000 referral deal in the process of being referred to me. One of the attorneys I work with already sent me two high net worth referrals. One of the attorneys I work with also asked me to handle his fathers estate, and asked me to manage his mothers money. In just the last month, I brought in $3 million of AUM.” As a result of all of the referral relationships, I’ve established, I’ve also noticed my reputation has penetrated the community in a much bigger way. Dr. Len Schwartz helped me acquire a $10M referral from a COI...and a $3M new client in one month."

Dwight Wanken: - Finanical Advisor - "After 28 years of practice, I needed a new marketing effort to help me get the ideal clients I wanted. In my first 30 days in the program, after a first meeting with an Estate Planning Attorney, I received a $1,000,000 referral/new client. I used the Expert Positioning Dr. Len gave me and it worked perfectly. The expert positioning helped to differentiate me."

Allan L. - Finanical Advisor - "I expect to receive an extra $700,000 per year as a result of my new referral relationships." 

Rene C.,- Financial Advisor - "In my first 6 months of working with Dr. Len Schwartz, I generated $15M."

Rick M - "After 4 months, I’ve had 8 meetings (with COIs) so far and have at least that many booked for the near future. One of the CPAs has already sent me a client after the very first meeting...and that will be worth at least 10k – 15k over the next year. One of the Estate Planner I met with has 60+ Attorneys in his firm...we’ve already had lunch twice after our first meeting – He is going to become a client and has agreed to set up a dinner with two of the original partners and 6 of their top clients. That should generate millions. The Expert Positioning Dr. Len gave me helped me present myself and what I do in a succinct way and has worked marvelously. Finally, do not think this won’t work.

Dr. Ron S. - Chiropractor -"Working with Dr. Len Schwartz, I had marketing in place that helped me 2X my income and patients. In fact, there was one month were I had 45 new patients!"

Dr. Josh Y. – “Since working with Dr. Len Schwartz, we went up in services, collections and income across the board. Dr. Len Schwartz has helped us take it to the next level. I am getting an extra 10 new patients per month." 

Financial Advisor Kevin talks about, how he acquire 4 HNW new clients and $50,000 in net income in his first 3 months

Jeff K. - Financial Advisor, "After having been in practice for 20+ years and worked at 3 very big firms...
I went from a firm that was well known to a firm that was not well known. The goal was to meet a lot of COIs very quickly – which was a huge benefit. The process for initiating these referral relationships and following has been so helpful. My boss at my new firm was blown away at the number of referral relationships I was able to establish in my first 90 days. Most of the people that I met as a result of this process are very high-end CPAs and Attorneys. The gameplan made this a wonderful process...and the process for how to initiate, nurture and maximize these referral relationships has made this successful for me. I have received several referrals already. One was from one of the biggest firms in Texas. I expect at least 10 COIs to refer business on a consistent basis. I would guess that this will easily generate $20M per year – consistently - just from the referral relationships I’ve already established.”

Zach - Financial Advisor - Talks about how he is using this strategy to attract better clients for the long term, by working smarter, not harder. 
He expects to generate 100,000:1 ROI  

Dr. Ted S. – Chiropractor - "I started practicing 27 years ago and wanted to get out of the ups and downs of practice. Working with Dr. Len Schwartz, I 2X my practice. I even acquired 27 new patients in one week.” 

Shana - Financial Advisor says her Referral Relationships will likely generate $1M every other month.

Beth W - Financial Advisor - "I join the program because I relocated to a new city where I didn’t know a single person. I learned about your business model, I thought to myself, what a god-send to be able to penetrate a new market and secure referral relationships with CPAs, Accountants and Attorneys. When I heard about this program, I thought it sounded too good to be true, but when I joined the program and started using it, literally, from the day 1, I started having at least four meetings per month with CPAs, Accountants, or Attorneys that were interested in meeting with me. Because of the coaching with Dr. Len, I was provided with an incredibly robust follow up program that I could use to nurture and maximize these referral relationships. This has been a dream come true. The coaching from Dr. Len has been invaluable in terms of knowing what to say in order to leverage these referral relationships and stimulate referrals without asking for them. I’ve even used Dr. Len’s training to leverage existing relationships that I had, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how fruitful they have been since I applied Dr. Len systems." 

Dr. Miguel M.- Chiropractor -"I grew 25% working with Dr. Len Schwartz. I have a lot more time and freedom now too. And, I am enjoying a lot more fame in my city.”

Kevin P - Financial Advisor - I’ve done all of the traditional marketing that most Advisors do and have come to discover that most of those do not work for me. I needed a new approach in order to survive in this business.Many of the marketing strategies of years past were way too shot gun approach. I had low of the things I appreciate the most is that I don’t have to beg anyway to meet with me. They treat me with respect and slot time to meet with me because they want to learn more about me and what I do. In just my first 8 weeks, I received a $180,000 in AUM. 

I look forward to helping you secure referral relationships with 10 - 20 of your best SOURCES of new clients.

Dr. Len 
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